How to Organize Your Home with Decals

How to Organize Your Home with Decals

If you are a frequent Netflix binge watcher, you might have come across “Get Organized with The Home Edit”. It explores the world of decluttering and how to organize your space into a stylish, functional environment. Many people suffer from anxiety, depression and stress. In many cases, the environment they live in may contribute to or worsen their issues because it’s too cluttered, disorganized and ‘heavy’. Here are some benefits of having an organized home:

  • You reduce stress – being organized can help you to clear things off your to-do list and have a sense of purpose and accomplishment once you check things off. A tidy organized home means that things are easy to find, and everything is in its place.

  • It sets a good example for your family – Keeping up with cleaning and organizing your home sets a good example for your family members. It encourages them to maintain order for themselves and reap the benefits. It reduces chaos and having everyone pitch in can be a major help especially if you have a large household.

  • It improves sleep quality – Decluttering your bedroom makes your room feel more comfortable, light and airy. Getting things done in an orderly manner also allows you to have a schedule so that you don’t end up doing things at the last minute which can keep you up past your bedtime.

  • You save time – Apart from going to bed on time to get sufficient hours of rest, you also save time when you do simple things such as meal prep. You become more productive and can use the extra time to relax, work on projects or hobbies, exercise and family time.

Having an organized home can be very beneficial to your mental and overall health. One easy way to organize is to label things. At the Artsy Spot we have functional decals that you can use to get started with organizing the clutter in your home

Keep Your Kitchen Clean with These Great Products

Using decals are a great way to organize your kitchen. If you have a pantry that needs to be decluttered and organized, try using pantry decals to help you stay on top of things. Decals are a cute and stylish way to label your pantry items. You can easily apply decals to various surfaces such as plastic containers, glass mason jars and stainless steel.

Decal Container Labels 

Instead of leaving a bunch of opened bags of food items haphazardly strewn about your pantry, try placing the contents into tightly sealed containers. Putting items such as pasta, cereal, grains and dried peas into containers keeps the fresh, safe from bugs and ants, and it is more aesthetically pleasing. The Artsy Spot offers a variety of decal label styles that you will love. Our decals are also durable and sturdy enough to withstand daily handling and can be hand washed!

Baking Measurement Decals

Another quirky way to make your kitchen more organized especially if you are an avid baker is this functional decal. You can place these baking measurement decals on the interior siding of your cupboard door to help you place measuring spoons for easy access. It also serves as a quick guide and reminder of various types of baking measurements that saves you time from flipping through recipe books or Google searches.

Dry Erase Whiteboard Decal 

The dry erase whiteboard decal can be used in many different ways. You can stick it on your fridge to write your shopping lists, meal plans or reminders. It can also be applied on your wall or cabinet to write a schedule or chores list. It helps you to keep track of your week in chores, your daily menu or any other to-do item or important calendar events that you need to make a note of. All you need is a whiteboard marker and a soft cloth to erase when it’s time to refresh the content!

More ways to Organize Your Home

Here are few tips on how you can start your journey to decluttering your home and organizing:

Clean out your closet

Go through your closet and sort your clothing. Remove things that you no longer wear, are hoping to fit into one day or items that no longer suit your style. Once clothing items are in good condition, you can thrift them, donate to charity or give to a friend or relative. Old clothes can be recycled or used around the house for cleaning or DIY projects. 

Make Use of Storage Spaces

Instead of leaving a pile of books on your bedside table or on the floor, put them on a bookshelf. Make use of existing shelves or install new ones to help you keep things tidy. If you have too many books, consider donating to a library or school. Look into space saving options such as vacuum sealing large comforter sets to make space in your cupboard. Use storage bins to keep items out of sight. Some storage bins also double as stools and seats and can be multifunctional.

Have a cleaning schedule

Make a schedule to distribute chores. If you have a family, delegate certain chores to your spouse and kids to share up the work load. Clean your room, bathroom, living room and kitchen often to always have a clear and clean environment. DO regular sweeping, vacuuming, dusting and mopping to reduce dust and dirt on floors and carpets. Given the recent pandemic, cleaning and sanitizing is top priority.


Making the effort to get your home decluttered and organized is a step in the right direction. It improves the ambience of your home and creates a clean and relaxed environment for you to return to after a long day. Charming home décor can boost your mood, inspire you to remain optimistic and make you feel proud to have a beautiful space to call your own. Check out our catalog of décor decals that can add a touch of style, inspiration or special meaning to your home!

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