How to Make Your Home Beautiful with Customized Wall Decals?

How to Make Your Home Beautiful with Customized Wall Decals?

Wall decals are fast becoming a go-to affordable option for home wall décor. Vinyl wall decals are easy to install, durable, and do not damage your wall paint. Once applied the lettering appears to be painted right on the wall. If you aren’t fond of using double sided tape or poking holes in your walls to insert nails and screws to install decorative wall pieces, then wall decals are a stylish alternative.

How to choose the right wall decal?

First, you should measure the space of the wall and the area where you want to place a wall decal (e.g. above a bed post)

After evaluating your wall space and deciding where you want to add a wall decal, you should think about a theme. For example, if you are installing wall decals in a child’s room you can choose a customized wall decal of the child’s name with cute and artistic embellishments to add some personal style to the room.  

With a creative idea in mind, research your design options. At the Artsy Spot we have many different styles and custom options to choose from to help you create unique and one of a kind wall decals.

Wall Decal Ideas 

If you aren’t sure what kind of decal you want to use, here are few ideas that can add some flair to your rooms:

For the kitchen – Most kitchens don’t have a ton of wall space available. However, if you want to add a wall decal that is cute but also functional, try this design that can fit on the door of your kitchen cupboard. 

For the living room – Adding a wall decal to your living room can add a warm and welcoming ambience to your décor. If you spend a lot of time there with your family, opt for a nice quote or slogan that is uplifting and sends a good message. 

Family room decal, Living room wall decal, Family monogram decal

Wall decals are very versatile and can even be used in bathrooms, study rooms and of course bedrooms. If you are a fan of inspirational and faith based quotes there are many great wall decals that you can use. You can also order a quote of your own for a more personalized touch on your décor.

Why choose Wall Decals to decorate your home? 


  • They are versatile and can be used anywhere from walls to mailboxes and other items around the house—any smooth surface is a possibility for a decal
  • Vinyl decals are non-toxic and safe to use in your home
  • You can create your own designs and choose your preferred colors, fonts, or embellishments
  • They are affordable and won’t cause damage to your wall paint when applied or removed
  • They are easy to install 
inspirational wall decal, easy to install decal, bedroom decal

Browse our extensive catalogue of wall decals for your home, office or school and brighten up your décor with beautiful designs and great quality wall decals. Walls decals also make a great housewarming gift, and the Artsy Spot offers gift cards which you can give to friends and family and provide them with the opportunity to experience the simple beauty of wall decal décor!

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