The Power of Inspirational Quotes and Faith-Based Sayings on Walls, Shirts, Mugs...

The Power of Inspirational Quotes and Faith-Based Sayings on Walls, Shirts, Mugs...

The Power of Inspirational Quotes in Everyday Life.

Words of encouragement are one of the biggest pillars in our motivation, our drive to succeed, our drive to be better. But why are they so important?


All those small compliments we receive, all those short inspirational quotes you read on Pinterest, they all make a difference in how we perceive our worth and our willpower. The reason quotes can survive hundreds of years is that they inspire us and let us access that motivation we previously couldn't find.

How to find your motivation:

Human beings are driven creatures! However, we can also be forgetful. We often forget what we're really capable of, what lies behind that "what if". But through inspirational quotes we can relate to, we find out that what we think is an impossible achievement, is not out of reach at all.


Motivation is a very valuable commodity. And whether we need it because we want to better ourselves, or need encouragement to say, do the dishes, we all get it from the quotes that inspire us. Whether that's through inspirational bible verses or other positive sayings is up to you.

His grace is enough, Faith-based apparel

I often go to the zoo to look at the peacocks (don't worry, this will all make sense in a minute). The reason I do that is because, despite being a flightless bird, they insist on trying with all their might. They might catch a few seconds of airtime, and that is enough to keep them going.

I want you to have the same mindset that the peacock has.

The peacock doesn't know that there is a ceiling on how high it can fly. On the other hand, we as people know that we can achieve amazing things, but we are so limited by our own thoughts that those amazing plans and dreams never really come to fruition.

What a wonderful world, Motivational wall decal, Inspirational decal

So how do we go about fixing this?

The solution:

By surrounding ourselves with positive sayings, encouragement, and faith quotes that allow us to access the potential we all know we have.

Nothing tastes as good as healthy feels, inspirational coffee mugI like to wake up every morning and drink my morning cup of coffee from a mug with a short inspirational quote. This reminds me that the day is within my control and that God is looking out for me. My office has several inspirational posters with faith quotes and positive inspirational sayings that keep reminding me that I can do whatever I set out to do!

And I want the same thing for you!


On this site, you can find a myriad of great inspirational quotes on apparel, artblessed shirt, faith-based apparel, Christian sayings on shirts prints, decals, and so much more. Whether you're driven by inspirational bible verses, or just need some encouragement throughout the day, we can help. We have some of the best inspirational quote posters, mugs, and decals all in one place, and we want to share those with you!

Holocaust quote, Framed Inspirational wall art print



Take a look at the wide selection of faith-based sayings, funny inspirational quotes, and pick out the ones you like. Surround yourself with mugs, posters, and decals, that display love and happiness, and I promise that it will show up and improve your everyday life.

We are not flightless birds, we are soaring eagles! And the more we remind ourselves of that fact, the more motivated we will all be.

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