The Best Baby Shower Gifts

The Best Baby Shower Gifts

Baby showers are a wonderful occasion to show support and give best wishes to soon-to-be parents. People usually gift the parents with some staple items that may need as they embark on the journey of parenthood. If you are searching for a great gift to give at a baby shower, taking the personalized gift approach is a unique and special gesture that both baby and parents will appreciate. Here are some of the best baby shower gifts you can find at The Artsy Spot.

Personalized Baby Apparel and Blankets

Baby clothes are perhaps one of the most popular baby shower gifts. At the Artsy Spot, we have a wide collection of baby onesies and t-shirts. You can create an original phrase, or choose from our fun, quirky slogans or faith-based wordings to personalize your gift. Choosing personalized baby apparel gives a more personal touch to gift-giving and can be very special, especially when gifting a relative or close friend. 

Blankets also make beautiful gifts and can be customized as well. A blanket with the baby’s name printed on it will certainly stand out as a functional, unique item that can be used for years. 

Wall Decals and Art

If the baby you are gifting has a nursery room, a wall decal can be a thoughtful gift. You can gift a wall decal quote or girl or boy baby names (once a name has been chosen). Not only will it help with bringing the nursery décor together. Consult with the parents to get the information you need to create a custom wall decal and we can help you to design the perfect addition to the baby’s room. 

If there isn’t wall space available for a vinyl decal, wall prints and framed posters are also viable options. Wall prints can carry beautiful messages which are heartfelt and warm. They can also be personalized to suit any room and décor. 

Personalized mugs and wine glasses

Babies may not necessarily need a mug or glass but it is a nice gesture to commemorate the occasion. A mug with the baby’s initials can make a cute décor item and keepsake that he or she may enjoy when they are older. You can also humor mom or dad with a funny wine glass or mug quote to put a smile on their face every time they use it.

Gift cards 

Gift cards are a great alternative to a physical gift when you aren’t sure about what you should buy. This gives the recipients more control to choose something that they like and enjoy. Giving a gift card also works in instances where parents may not have chosen the baby’s name yet or revealed the baby’s gender. They can then use the gift card to get a personalized gift at a later date when they know more. Gift cards also save the day when you don’t have time to browse gifts and need a last-minute solution! The Artsy Spot has a vast catalog with many great items for babies and parents!

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