Most of us have spent more time in our homes over the past 6 months than we thought possible: Working from home, schooling from home, vacationing at home, caring for each other at home… It’s almost like that classic Star Wars scene when they are rescuing Princess Leia, they end up in the garbage container and the walls start closing in on them.  That was a great scene that brought us to the edge of our seats in 1977. Who knew that we would really feel that way in 2020!!

 Decals can add a different look to any room or space in your home. It accomplishes this without crowding the area and emptying your wallet. When you make a comparison of the versatility and affordability to painting or wallpaper the vinyl decal option is a hands down winner.

 For instance, this vinyl, “The most important work you will ever do will be within the walls of your home” would make a beautiful statement in your family room and creates an accent wall without the mess of repainting or the cost of wallpaper.


Here are the many benefits of vinyl wall decals:

 Unique Pieces:

Customized decals can bring an eye-catching presentation of your personality and style to the friends and family that visit your home. What a great way of placing your signature on your walls.

In this example, the “La Famiglia e Tutto” decal, it was initially created to celebrate the importance of family and cultural heritage. When placed in the home it generates an atmosphere of love and unity.

This vinyl “And I think to myself what a wonderful world” was crafted for a family that loved music and how it can profoundly change our world in a positive and “Wonderful” way. It displays the attitude and style of the family and how they live their lives.


Most suppliers of vinyl wall art have a wide range of pre-created pieces available via either Etsy or Shopify. And if you are a true DIY’er and have your own equipment, most have digital downloadable designs for you to purchase and cut your own.

This vinyl is such an inspiration to us all, but our children truly need this message of “Be Yourself”. What a great way for a kid to start their day at home or as they walk into a classroom and see this reminder that they are valued as they are. There is some much negativity and hate in the world, let’s start the day out right and teach a child to “believe in yourself”.

Ease of Use:

If you have ever hung wallpaper, you will remember the stress, the mess and the little flaws that only you can see in the final product. (I hate that!!) Painting is no better with the fumes, time, and expense not to mention the mess!! It’s as simple as peeling back the transfer paper and placing it wherever you like.

This short phrase of “Be The Nice Kid” in classrooms around the world is a nice reminder that how we treat each other has an impact that creates ripples around the world. It is taken from a larger Nice Kid quote from Bryan Skavnak that is also available on The Artsy Spot. It encourages people to do the right thing in a world that doesn’t always support us to do so via peer pressure or biases. Wouldn’t it be great if the people all around the world would just be nice?

High Quality with No Marks:

These vinyl decals are made to last. They are durable and will last for years. Th can be created with vibrant colors of high quality vinyl.  A big plus is that you don’t have to put holes in your walls to decorate then have to spackle when you change your mind and want to move stuff around. Decals will cause no damage to your walls when removed.


Wall decals are a great way to decorate your walls! They are affordable, easy to use and maintain and above all, you can choose from so many pre-made designs or customize your own with a “Create your own quote” decal.

Create Your Own Quote decal, Custom wall decal

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  • Rachelle Austin
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