Must Have Back to School Wall Décor for Teachers and Students

Must Have Back to School Wall Décor for Teachers and Students

As a teacher, keeping things fun and exciting for students can be a challenge. Creating the right learning environment consists of a number of factors which contribute to your students’ comfort, focus and mood. Apart from innovative teaching techniques and ways to engage your students and instill the joy of learning, sprucing up your classroom can also make a positive impact.  If you are a student, you do feel a difference walking into a classroom that’s well-kept and inviting. Simple décor or art can help project an ambience that boosts creativity and productivity for both teachers and students. Here are some tips on how you can make use of back to school items from the Artsy Spot to make the new school term brighter! 

For Teachers

Inspirational Wall Decals

If you have some empty wall space in your classroom, it’s the perfect canvas for inspirational quotes to motivate and encourage students. Classroom wall decals that inspire confidence, words of encouragement and general positive affirmations are easy to install and available in aesthetic fonts and patterns. Students and teachers can walk into class, look around and be surrounded by positive energy and encouragement which helps to boost the class morale. 

Framed Posters

If you aren’t into wall decals, framed wall posters are a viable option that gives you a similar effect. These are also easier to move around in case you need to do classroom rearrangements or move to a new room altogether. Whether you are sprucing up your classroom or your home office (if you are conducting online classes), framed wall posters can create an inviting ambience with beautiful quotes, cute, artsy designs or personalized words or images.

Casual Day Tees

Personalized t- shirts are one of the simplest yet endearing gifts you can present to someone. Students can pitch in and get their teacher something special, or maybe you have a teacher in your family who you appreciate. The beauty of personalized t-shirts is that you can create a unique design to match the personality or the person you are gifting to which makes it even more special. As a teacher, it’s also a pretty great way of treating yourself and adding some cool causal day t-shirt options to your wardrobe.

For Students

If you have little ones, keeping them focused at school and home is a challenge. You have to battle with the distractions of toys, television, active imaginations and even their own thoughts or troubles. Older kids also need a lot of persuasion to focus on educational activities. You can use subtle décor pieces to help create a work space for kids at home so that they can do homework or attend online classes in a comfortable environment.

Room Décor 

If a student does their studies in their bedroom, creating a work station is essential. A comfy desk and chair set-up in addition to room décor can do wonders for concentration. Aim for calm, neutral and soothing accents such as custom framed pictures or posters that fit on a shelf or the wall. Good lighting, a quiet and clutter free area is also important to boost productivity. 

First Day of School Gifts

The first day of school is always exciting, scary and sometimes very emotional. It’s the next big step in a student’s life as they embark on new learning experiences, curriculum and meeting new teachers and friends in some cases. A simple token to commemorate the first day of school would be greatly appreciated and even help with anxiety. Personalized t-shirts that inspire confidence or signify a milestone are cute surprises to gift a student as they prepare for their first day.  

Personalized labels or decals

If you’ve been a student at any point in your life, then you must know how easily your belongings can get misplaced. Help your kids out by labelling their valuable items with stickers, decals or labels which can help them identify their items if they get lost. This is especially handy for laptops, water bottles and lunch kits to name a few.


Heading back to school can make both teachers and students nervous. These simple gift ideas are bound to ease the nerves and instill some appreciation and comfort to the special people in your life who are in the school system. The Artsy Spot has many great gifts for students and teachers, just scroll through our catalog to find the right fit for your style and budget! 

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