Creative Ways to Decorate Your Home Office

Creative Ways to Decorate Your Home Office

During the current global pandemic, many have adapted to online school and working from home. While many embraced the new approach, for many this new way of learning and working from home took some getting used to. One way to adapt to working from home is to create a comfortable home office space that will help you focus and get your work done in a stress-free environment. Setting up a home office is more than just putting a desk and chair together in a quiet corner.  Here are some quick tips for home décor courtesy the Artsy Spot!

Let the light in

Studies have shown that letting more natural light into your home has a positive effect on your mood, wellbeing and productivity. Set your desk up close to a window with a view where natural light can brighten up your workspace.

Decorate your space

A small desktop plant, colorful stationery,picture frames and other trinkets that you love can create a more expressive and beautiful workspace that fits your personality and the way you work. A customized journal is also a fun item to add to your desk for taking notes, planning or writing down goals.

Get comfortable

Make sure you have a comfortable chair which won’t cause back pain or other discomforts, the right room temperature, good lighting and a quiet, work-centric atmosphere. If you like to listen to music while you work, invest in wireless headphones or a small Bluetooth speaker to create a comfortable ambience.

Use vinyl decals

Decorate your wall space with vinyl decals that display positive anduplifting messages or helps you stay organized. You can find a wide array of inspirational office quotes to keep your spirits up and motivated while you work from home. You can also create a custom quote for a more personal touch to your office enhancement.

Working from home doesn’t have to be a chore. You can create a comfortable environment to maintain your productivity and creativity even when work gets stressful. The Artsy Spot has some great office décor items to help you prepare a wonderful home office at affordable prices!

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