Back To School Classroom Decor Ideas

Back To School Classroom Decor Ideas

Going back to school is always exciting for teachers. With every school year, they get to impart wisdom to new generations of young people and see them thrive year after year. Classroom décor is a vital part of a happy and enjoyable school environment, so every teacher looks for innovative ways to make the classroom the next favorite place for every student. If you're looking for fresh ideas for your classroom décor, we have perfect suggestions. 

Affirmation Mirror

Teaching students about confidence is a never-ending process. Depending on the person, some of them will need more effort to believe in themselves and their abilities, while others will quickly realize they’re all meant for greatness. To make the lesson about confidence have long-lasting effects, introduce a decorative mirror with all the confidence-building affirmations. You can find fantastic classroom decals to apply to the mirror and remind students that they need to see the positives every day. Once they reflect on themselves or their classmates, the decals will be there to offer the necessary reminder.

Shout Out Corner

A little bit of confidence boost never hurt anyone, and it's even better when you hear your classmates cheering you up and believing in you. Students will bond well through mutual praise, so offer them a nook for shout-outs. Set up a part of the classroom where they can go and compliment others whenever they want to. Whether they enjoyed spending time with other students or they wanted to congratulate them on their success, a classroom shout-out nook will be the best classroom décor idea that will contribute to students’ education and morale in multiple ways.

Add color to the ceiling

Have you ever considered sprucing up the classroom ceiling? If you need a classroom décor on a budget idea, consider hanging rainbow-colored ribbons on the ceiling. Spread them from the center where the lighting fixture is and attach them to the diagonal corners and in between, creating a curtain-like décor. Use paper ribbons in various colors to create a colorful effect for the kids. A ceiling can potentially look like the sky, as well, if you can paint it light blue. Hang a cloud made of paper on the lighting fixture, and make raindrops that you'll attach to the cloud. It will be the cutest precipitation cloud that you can later use for teaching or have as a whimsical classroom décor,

Motivational Posters

Walls are there to be decorated, especially the ones in a classroom. All you need is a creative idea to turn a previously dull, empty wall into a wall of inspiration. How can you do it? Easily enough. Look for Motivational posters that you can attach to your wall and have the students draw inspiration from them every day. Choose quotes that will motivate and inspire every student to become an even better person day in and day out.

A cozy reading corner

Every classroom can use a specially designed area where students can isolate themselves from time to time and enjoy what they love the most – reading. Set up an armchair with a colorful quilt and a throw pillow, and arrange small bookcases with classic books for your students’ age, allowing them to spend some time there when they want to catch up on their reading. If you have a reading workshop coming up, this reading corner will be the best area to gather all the students from our class and discuss the book(s) they had to read.

Spruce up your door

With school wall decals, you can quickly transform your boring classroom door into an inspirational part of the classroom. Shop for wall decals that spell out the teacher's name or the class you teach. Alternatively, you can decide to do a door makeover by painting them red, attaching paper cut out to simulate the eyes, and adding paper claws to the side to create the visual illusion of having a crab-like door. Let your imagination run wild, and feel free to create any other animal or representation of whatever you find suitable for the class. A portal to the space, entryway to a lab, or a library - the choices are vast. 

Final thoughts

Decorating a classroom for the new school year can be thrilling for both students and teachers. When you don't know how to make your classroom more inspirational and enjoyable, check out the ideas we've listed, and we guarantee they'll be the best starting point to spar new ideas of your own.

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